RBS 064 - November 2017 - Grandfather Clock -

Sold / Commission - Order one like it!



Motorized stainless sculpture with 48" high roller chain lift with 1" marbles.  
57"H x 28"W x 12"D - Stainless steel circle clock face.
Blue, red, orange, green and yellow 1" glass marbles. 6 ringing bells, and 5 hand-made chimes.



Construction photos

(so customers can see pictures of the sculpture being built in real time!)

Build notes

Completed: 12/2017: 

This is a commissioned grandfather clock style rolling ball sculpture. It features 6 ringing bells and 5 handmade chimes. The clock is standard Seiko battery operated mechanism. The frame is made from 5/16" thick stainless steel rod - thicker than the 1/4" stainless rod I usually use.

The sculpture features all the bells and whistles:

  • 48" stainless chain lift
  • hand bent custom steel clock face
  • 5+ tracks via many track switches with several spinners
  • Funnels, loops, spirals, 4 ball energy transfers, 4 ball drop arm 
  • Six ringing bells and 5 hand made stainless steel ringing chimes

Designed to be floor standing or sitting on a low pedestal - comes with inline on/off switch.