Mesmerizing and magical kinetic works of art shipped to your home and business.

I am accepting commissions. Please inquire about available works.


RBS 057 - "Eleven" - 5/2016 - Sold - Learn more

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I have been making these very special kinetic gizmos for 20 years. Each motorized sculpture takes 100 to 200 hours to complete. They are the most fun ever to design and build, and they leave people mesmerized.

Commissions - find out more...

Commissions - find out more...

Here is a list of what goes into building these puppies: art design, kinetics, architecture, metallurgy, blacksmithing, welding, electrical design, physics, mechanical engineering, storytelling, Web design, marketing, photography, technical writing, Aboriginal dot painting, amusement park rides, woodworking, Zen and Buddhism. 

The sculptures are imagined, drawn, hand cut and hand bent using stainless steel rods and TIG welding. Contact me regarding availability and price.