RBS 079 - "Pachinko" - January 2019 - 28"H x 28"W x 10"D - Wall Mount

Medium sized - Sold

Build notes

When I was about 12 years old, and living in San Pedro, California, I bought a pachinko machine at a garage sale. It was maybe $5 and it wasn’t working. I took it apart and fixed it and I was as amazed as everyone else that I got it to work. As I was sketching the frame for this new sculpture, I could see that the shape was that of my pachinko machine.

Motorized ring lift rolling ball sculpture with ~12 one inch red and red black marbles. This is a medium wall mount marble run with 2 acrylic hand painted metal panels. Signed, dated and numbered. 

Low voltage powered with on/off toggle switch mounted in the base.

Construction Photos