RBS 074 - "Hawewe" - January 2018 - 24"H x 38"W x 11"D

Inspired by a visit to Hawaii - this rolling ball marble run was designed to look like a wave. There are hundreds of words in Hawaiian for wave. This one is called "Hawewe". It also looks like a fish spaceship too!

(And now repainted to an orange theme!)

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Construction photos

(see pictures of the sculpture built in real time!)

Build notes

Motorized ring lift rolling ball sculpture with 1" marbles. This is a small wall mount marble run 24"H x 38"W x 11"D. With 4 acrylic hand painted panels. Signed, dated and numbered. ~8 - 1" red/red black glass marbles. 

Low voltage powered with on/off toggle switch mounted in the base.