RBS 068 - "Orpiment" -  July 2017 - 18"H x 28"W x 10"D

SOLD - Order one like it!

"Orpiment" is a motorized ring lift rolling ball sculpture - the 1" marbles are lifted up by the hubless wheel design. There are no spokes with a hubless wheel design, so the track is free to wind in and around the sculpture. 

This piece is table top only. But adjustable wall mounts can be added if absolutley necessary!

18"H x 28"W x 10"D - Acrylic hand painted panels. Signed, dated and numbered. ~15 - 1" yellow and black/yellow glass marbles. With 4 Aboriginal dot painted panels and kinetic elements.

This piece is perfect for a table top. Low voltage powered with inline on/off switch.  


Build notes

RBS 068 is named "Orpiment". I was looking for a fun name to represent the word yellow - and a little looking around landed me on Orpiment - a bright goldenyellow streak of color. 

This kinetic art work features a wave form at the top - it also functions as a handle to carry the sculpture. There are other design elements on this piece where I take the leftover bits of steel that I have cut off, and I recycle those bits into a small design somewhere on the work. Here, they are in front of the 2 black painted panels.

This sculpture is just about the smallest motorized work that I can make. The hubless ring is 14" in diameter - anything less than that and there simply will not be enough height to allow the marbles to do anything fun. The frame on this one is 5/16" stainless rod - which is a little thicker than the frames on my other works. I see the rod diameters more as line weights as in drawings, and I wanted this smaller piece to have a heavier line.

This sculpture is signed "Jendro" in metal on the base, and also signed and numbered and dated on the reverse side of the painted panels. It is designed as a table top piece. The sculpture is also designed to survive shipping stresses too.

RBS 068 is a hubless ring design - the ring turns lightly on the shaft of the motor and lifts the marbles up. The hubless ring design means that there are no spokes in the center. This creates a hollow area for all the track to magically pass through the center of the sculpture.