RBS 064 - November 2017 - Grandfather Clock - Commissioned piece - In work

Motorized stainless roller chain lift with 1" marbles.  

57"H x 28"W x 12"D - Stainless steel circle clock face. White, blue and blue/yellow glass marbles. 

With 5 or 6 ringing bells, and 5 hand-made chimes.

Whimsical details and 5 - 6 tracks with many kinetic elements.

Construction photos

Build notes

In work: 11/2017: 


- six beautifully ringing bells and decorative marbles. 
- improved stainless steel roller chain lift. Also added metal clock face, and leveling feet.
- double looping track that flips back. 4 ball drop track
- 4 ball energy transfer, and 5 hand-made chimes.


Add a spinner or two, and test, test, test. Then take it to get polished!