RBS 059 - "Enchantment" -  September 2016

Sold/Commission - Order one like it

Motorized ring lift rolling ball sculpture with 1" marbles. 

24"H x 54"W x 11"D - Acrylic hand painted details. Signed, dated and numbered. ~15 - 1" blue and blue/yellow glass marbles. Sea life iconography in the four corners and two hand painted steel panels. 


Build notes

RBS 059 is called "Enchantment". This sculpture was a commission for a Doctor's office - as they were replacing the fish tank, we went with the fish theme. I was very pleased with how the four corner elements came out, especially the Sea Horse.

This is an extra wide piece with long challenging tracks. The extra width was to suit the installation requirements, and a lower overall profile was needed too. This led to double panels in the base. Which has eventually led me to even more panels on my sculptures.

This sculpture is signed "Jendro" in painted metal in one of the corners and is also signed and numbered and dated on the reverse side of the painted panels.