Rolling Ball Sculpture - #052 - Motorized ring lift, hand painted elements, hand bent and hand made. Glass balls, tig welded stainless steel, motorized table top and wall mountable work. Get yours today at Music "Cylinder Six" by Chris Zabriskie

RBS 052: "The Stars at Night" 2/2015   Sold

Motorized ring lift rolling ball sculpture with 1" marbles. 46" x 27" x 11" deep - Acrylic hand painted details. Signed, dated and numbered. 14 - 1" glass marbles - Acrylic hand painted details and base panel. Signed, dated and numbered. 5+ tracks with track splitters. Elements include funnel spiral, double loop with jump through a hoop, 4 ball energy transfer section, straight spirals, and 2 spinners.

Can be wall mounted, or placed on a table. The painted panel at the bottom is in complementary colors to the marbles, and vice versa. I do like to name my sculptures after songs... 

Construction photos